Closed System Treatments

The use of high quality, properly formulated chemicals can have a significant impact on the efficiency and life expectancy of capital equipment for heating and cooling system applications. Proper closed loop water treatment varies from system to system depending on the nature of the application: temperature, flow and operating conditions play a part in the proper selection of treatment products.


  • Closed Loop System Organic Treatment Blends
  • Closed Loop System Molybdenum Treatment Blends
  • Closed Loop System Nitrite Treatment Blends
  • Closed Loop System Chemical Cleaner Treatment Blends
  • Closed Loop System Thermal Fluids, Both Ethylene and Propylene Glycol Based

Jacklyn Industries has experience formulating and blending premium closed loop water treatment chemicals. You can depend on us to deliver high quality products fast.

Please note that we also carry solid water treatment products for those who prefer this option over liquids.