Lab Services

Our laboratories at Jacklyn Industries are professionally staffed and equipped to support you in developing your business. Our internal analytical capability includes comprehensive water and deposit analysis, corrosion testing and evaluation as well as ion exchange resin performance testing. Where required we provide interpretive assistance in helping you assess our reports and resolve any problems exposed.

We develop test methods and provide the equipment necessary for you and your customers to test and control chemical levels in water systems. We manufacture an extensive range of analytical reagents for field and laboratory testing.

As part of our commitment to you we are constantly working to provide new technologies to ensure that you have the newest and best technologies to compete and better serve your customers. We continue to emphasize chemistries that are environmentally neutral and are sustained by renewable resources. Our laboratory and field support staff work with you to ensure optimum performance and efficiencies are attained with our programs. We are always pleased to work with you to generate programs targeted to your unique and specific needs.